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We've made it easier for you to get Standard Process products delivered directly to your door.

Since we seriously question the benefits of synthetic vitamins, we use supplements from whole food concentrates in our practice. The definition of 'natural' has become so unreliable; it claims anything derived from plant or earth irrespective of the chemical process involved during production. We chose the supplements of Standard Process and MediHerb because they use ingredients that are organically grown and we have researched the  company's commitment to the harvesting and production process. We hold the same criteria for the herbs and other supplements that are prescribed in our office. 

Founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process has been a leader in the field of natural, whole food supplements for more than 90 years. 'Beginning at the company's 1,000 acres of farmland and continuing through the final stages of their unique processing, Standard Process provides the highest quality food supplements available.' Now you can purchase Standard process anytime, conveniently delivered directly to your door.